November Link-Love

It’s time to give some link-love to articles published this month in the real food and natural living blogosphere that I think are worth checking out.

November has been a dark month this year in Finland because we haven’t had any snow. At times like this it’s good to make sure you’re taking extra good care of yourself so that you are feeling good no matter what it looks like outside! Hopefully you will find something here in these links that helps you feel good naturally!

First things first…Recipes!

My friend Lauren from Empowered Sustenance always has the most interesting recipes! She cooks grain-free and according to the GAPS diet, but I promise her recipes are worth enjoying no matter what your diet is. I REALLY enjoyed her creamy GAPS gravy during my Thanksgiving dinner, and she has left me inspired to try her fruit juice caramel sauce. Indeed sweets can be nourishing for you, too!

Are you already brewing kombucha at home? The latest trend in kombucha-brewing is 2nd ferment flavored kombucha, about which Caroline over at has posted lots of pictures and ideas.

Ok we don’t get red snapper (as far as I know) here in Finland, but I don’t see why this whole roasted snapper recipe from Adventures in Eating and Everything After couldn’t work with many other kinds of fish. One bonus to blogging about food is that it gives me extra momentum to try new things in the kitchen like cooking a whole fish!

Aiyaiyai! Any chocolate lovers reading this? I personally don’t have any experience baking with chocolate yet, but this Chocolate French Silk Pie recipe from Our Nourishing Roots and Homemade Mommy’s Chocolate Mousse definitely make me want to delve in during the holiday season. They both look nourishing and yet not very difficult to make.

Are you fermenting your own sauerkraut yet at home? NO?! Ok, well Melissa from Unmistakably Food has a great photo tutorial to show you how to make sauerkraut. Stay tuned for a post from me in the near future on more great online resources for fermentation.

If you have a recipe you want to use that calls for all sorts of nasty stuff like margarine or soy milk, Homemade Mommy’s post on how to turn any recipe into a real food recipe has some very helpful tips and reminders, even if you’re an experienced real foodie.

Please check out this post from Kid Appeal that’s all about the importance of using your leftover bones to make soup stock. Will you take her pledge to not throw away any meat bones and instead use them to make broth? I hope you will.

The internet is turning into a great platform for folks to share about their healing experiences through real food. Allison from Our Small Hours wants to hear your stories! She started a series called Time for Real Food in which people like Lauren from Empowered Sustenance are sharing about their healing journey, experiences and tips with real food. Perhaps you will see my story on there in the near future!

What do soy oil, agave and canola oil have in common? BUZZ! Time’s up! They are all products wrongly labeled as health foods! Robin at Thank Your Body will tell you why you want to avoid these so-called ‘health foods’.

Finally Diane from The Kitchen Rag had a guest post from an RN who, like many others, has become fed up with the pharmaceutical industry and understands the importance of returning to wholesome foods and natural healing.


  1. thanks for the link love, great post!

  2. Thanks for including a recipe from Adventures in Eating & Everything After in this great post. You could easily substitute any ~2 pound (1-1.5 kilo) white flesh fish in the recipe. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks! This is great info.

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